Add volume control to AKG K26P

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I had my AKG K26P about 1.5 month ago, spend me $75AUD in Sydney HiFi shop, in the same time, there also has AKG K27i, it is a ipod version headphone, white color and with volume control, but the price is $129AUD ! Here is the details of these two headphone :

K 26 P / K 27 i

Type K 26 P: dynamic, closed-back
K 27 i: dynamic, closed-back
Efficiency K 26 P: 125 dB SPL/V
K 27 i : 126 dB SPL/V
Frequency range K 26 P: 12 Hz to 28 kHz
K 27 i : 11 Hz to 28.5 kHz
Rated impedance 32 ohms
THD <1%
Cable 1.5 m (5 ft.)
Connector Stereo mini plug
Net weight (without cable) Approx. 2.6 oz.
Special features K 26 P :
Folding mechanism
K 27 i :
Folding mechanism
Integrated precision volume control

Photo : (Left : K26P, Right : K27i)
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Firstly, I had two wires of Sennheiser MX500, It has a volume control! I was broke the earphone, but wire is like new. The wire is asymmetrical, so cut the longer side as same as the shorter side.

Then, open the K26P, solder off the original wires, and solder the MX500 wire on.

Here has some photos of the works:

K608i 拆机照

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因为前几天 Motorola V3x 大减价,所以忍不住要让手机更新换代了,一是因为手机这东西一般用过一年多就会出现些小毛病,趁此还不如在出毛病前处理掉,二是因为V3x是我的梦机。为了更一步减低对V3x的花费,我就要把K608i在ebay上卖掉,卖掉之前特拆机留照以作纪念。


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Moto v3x 各地官方Firmaware下载

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终于找到各地的v3x官方包(Firmware), 大家刷坏了可以刷回来
具体刷机教程请查看 手机之家
刷机有风险 请各位慎重

运营商:澳大利亚 H3G
下载链接: R252211LD_U_85.97.F1P

运营商:英国 H3G
下载链接: R252211LD_U_85.97.F1P

运营商:德国 E-PLUS
下载链接: R252211LD_U_85.98.D0R

下载链接: R252211LD_U_85.98.D0R


运营商:意大利 Vodafone



[note] convert char to int in a string

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using namespace std;

int main()

//Some string here
string number = "123456789";

//Array to hold the separate integers
int intArray[ number.length() ];

//Convert from char to int
for ( int i=0; i < i="0;">

[note] read file data to string, by char

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using namespace std;

int main()

ifstream inputFile;"some file name here");

string number;
char digit;

while( inputFile.get( digit ) )

number = number + digit;


return 0;


[note] pointer class function

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class myclass
node IPlist::*find (string address) const;

//the notation should be :

node* IPlist::find (string address) const

[note] Compare string

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//string can be compared directly, even it has "." or "@" symbols inside
int main()
std::string a;
std::string b;
if ( a == b )
cout << "a is equal to b"; } }

C++ Forum

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I found a very good c++ forum, in there, peoples gave me very fast and professional replys.


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