11:45 PM at 11:45 PM

SB偶尔也很酷, originally uploaded by LinuxPie.


11:45 PM at 11:45 PM

SB舞, originally uploaded by LinuxPie.


11:45 PM at 11:45 PM

IMGP8882, originally uploaded by LinuxPie.


11:45 PM at 11:45 PM

装可爱, originally uploaded by LinuxPie.

why you are looking at me ?

4:03 PM at 4:03 PM

why you are looking at me ?, originally uploaded by LinuxPie.

BIN 555

8:13 PM at 8:13 PM

BIN 555, originally uploaded by LinuxPie.

Region: South Eastern Australia

Colour: Very dark red with ruby highlights.

Nose: Meaty aromas of dark berries and plums reveal restrained
vanilla/chocolate oak and a whiff of pepper.

Palate: A generous, ripe and silky-smooth shiraz that's ready to enjoy.
Underpinned with soft tannins, this wine finishes with moderate length. it's a terrific early-drinking little quaff.

Cellar: Drinking well now.

Food match: Tasty beef burger, with melted cheese and crispy bacon.

smc PENTAX-FA 50mm test

9:09 PM at 9:09 PM

_IGP8632, originally uploaded by LinuxPie.

This is a faulty 2.5" IDE HDD which is made by Samsung.

Taking this photo is to test the FA 50mm lens I just bought. Photo is just re-sized and signed. I can see it is well exposed and accuracy focus on my K100D Super.

Bear Bear

10:26 PM at 10:26 PM

IMGP8289-s, originally uploaded by LinuxPie.


1:06 AM at 1:06 AM

IMGP8564, originally uploaded by LinuxPie.


3:33 PM at 3:33 PM

Window, originally uploaded by LinuxPie.

This stone windows was found in the north of U@MQ building in MQ Uni. In Australia, if some architecture is over 100 year, it's a history.

Ducks with me

3:29 PM at 3:29 PM

Ducks with me, originally uploaded by LinuxPie.

One of the great thing in Australia is the wild animal doesn't scare of humans.

I'm still waiting for your call ...

1:44 AM at 1:44 AM

Sydney Opera House

2:21 AM at 2:21 AM

Sydney Opera House, originally uploaded by LinuxPie.

Handhold without tripod,
28mm,1.5S, F3.5, ISO200

Looking ...

2:15 AM at 2:15 AM

Looking ..., originally uploaded by LinuxPie.

When you looking the world, do you know, the world is looking you too ?

Ring walk

2:14 AM at 2:14 AM

Ring walk, originally uploaded by LinuxPie.

Path way, on ring walk, Sydney Olympic Park

I don't know why the path way always make me pay more attention, may be I am curious of the forward or curious of the unknow world.

EeePC Recovery- and Support-DVD

5:33 PM at 5:33 PM

EeePC Recovery- and Support-DVD with original full Linux-Distribution (incl. drivers) and all drivers for WindowsXP. Although it is the original EeePC-DVD there is no possibility to download it from the EeePC-Website.

Linux, Windows XP


Use 7-zip for merging the parts and decompression.

Phenix 50mm F1.7 Lens

4:44 PM at 4:44 PM

Phenix 50mm F1.7 Lens
Originally uploaded by LinuxPie
Old lens, not automatic


4:42 PM at 4:42 PM

Originally uploaded by LinuxPie
This is the famous church in Sydney beside Hyde Park, what is the name ? I don't know or forget it...

Sydney Tower

4:41 PM at 4:41 PM

Sydney Tower
Originally uploaded by LinuxPie
What ? You can't find the tower ?


4:40 PM at 4:40 PM

Originally uploaded by LinuxPie
The opera house and the bridge has been taken so many photos, but they are still great than ever, isn't right ?


4:32 PM at 4:32 PM

Originally uploaded by LinuxPie
This is the path way , the world is looks different some times, when we view it from the unusual angel.

Minotal MD ROKKOR-X 50mm F/1.7

4:29 PM at 4:29 PM

It was really happy to found this "Minolta MD ROKKOR_X 50mm F 1:1.7" lens, glass in great condition, and it's just 5 USD from ebay, but postage takes 20 USD, still good deal, right ?


3:18 PM at 3:18 PM

Originally uploaded by josh heilaman
It was a accident random browsing from flickr, when I see Josh's drawings, I just couldn't say a word, it just so great so fun, take a look if you want more :

Sydney Opera House

3:06 PM at 3:06 PM

Sydney Opera House
Originally uploaded by LinuxPie
Handhold without tripod,
28mm,1.5S, F3.5, ISO200